• Young researcher, my research interests includes self-adaptive and self-learning analog/RF circuits, through resource-efficient algorithms. Specifically, my experience is a combination of analog/RF design, test, and machine-learning based adaptation algorithms.

  • I don't decide anymore, my circuit does.

    AND IT DOES IT WELL (at least it is trying).


    I am a postdoctoral researcher, specialized in analog and radio-frequency microelectronics systems. Currently, I am working in KU Leuven, where I develop resource-aware self-adaptation algorithms and machine learning algorithms for the test of analog and mixed-signal circuits.

    In a nutshell, I try to let our circuits decide what to do in the context they operate in. They are trying to be good, but also to consume less power... Like us?


    I am interested in several research topics (and I hope they will interest you too !)

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    I am trying to keep this list up to date as much as possible (well, I do not have a new paper everyday either, that is also true)

  • Projects

    Main projects I am (or have been) involved in as a [my status in the project]

    NoRMA [post-doc]

    NoRMA is a project funded by Flemish Gouvernment (FWO)

    Phoenix [post-doc]


      Phoenix is a H2020 FET-Open European project financed by the European Union

      • WHAT: The Phoenix project tries to find methods for evolving generations of small sensor agents that are increasingly adept at exploring an inaccessible environment.
      • HOW: Evolution is achieved through injecting successive instantiations of swarms of miniaturized sensor agents into the inaccessible environment: at each generation, part of the agents are recovered, and the collected data are then used to jointly optimize, by means of evolutionary algorithms, a model of the environment, as well as the hardware and behavioral parameters of the agents themselves, before starting the next generation.
      • WHERE: The Phoenix project uses a pipeline inspection test case to validate the results, but the resulting technology can be broadly applied in contexts such as water, oil, waste, and heat distribution systems, chemical reactor vessels, space exploration, and eventually even inside the human body.

      Self-Adaptation of Communicating Systems in Operation (SACSO) [PhD Student]

      SACSO was a project found by the French national research agency (ANR) aiming at developping self-adaptive analog and RF communication circuits

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